Month: November 2008

The myth of integration tests

The question of what exactly is a unit test, is one that keeps on plaguing us as a community. I have heard many developers say "oh, no need to test that - its [...]

Isolator for SharePoint – Free License

Get a free Typemock Isolator license: [Update: Contest is finished, Thanks to all you bloggers] We’re announcing today about a new product: Isolator for [...]

Team building

Once when I was working for a large enterprise, we where taken  to an off-site team building program. We where divided into groups of 5 and the group had [...]

Back to School

One of the delights of being an adult is the fact that you can practically wake up at any time you want. When I was in school I really disliked waking up in [...]

Unit Testing Collections

I have written about Lowering the friction of Unit testing, and how using Aspect Faking we can lower the friction of testing collections The problem Unit [...]

Crypt message in the Blog

Someone is writing crypt messages in my Blog. Might it be from Aliens or a Conscious Robot? [...]

Estimations and being Agile

There are quite a lot of information in the web about how to  estimate tasks in an Agile environments - They are all based on dividing the task to small [...]

Lowering the friction of Unit testing

At Typemock we have been learning allot about our customers lately and understanding where the friction is so that we can make unit testing even easier and [...]

Typemock embraces SharePoint

We have been getting a lot of traction from the SharePoint development community about the ease that Typemock Isolator helps unit test SharePoint Applications. [...]

Ruby Style Isolating – Aspect Faking

I have talked in the past about Ruby Style Isolating (Dynamically Typed), now it is part of the AAA syntax.  The big value of this feature is that you [...]