Technical Support, our policy pays

imageI have spoken before about our Support Policy, and it seems that  it pays off, as good technical support is one of the differential factors when choosing Software tools according to Soon Hui

I must first thank our great team of developers that are in the front line of our customer support as well as being in the front line of the technology and development world.

As a team we get a lot of feedback from the issues that our customers have and we become better developers, as we know how to add real value to our customers. Being transparent about this (through our online public forum) and having communication skills and collaboration as a value, just makes us a better team. (It is also an Agile value)

  1. Pauline – I’m not sure why you are having that prbelom. I just checked and all the pages seem to be operating properly. Your browser may not be acting properly, or you may need to install a more current version of Adobe Reader ( Hope you get it sorted…

  2. Bobbyyyyyyyy!I tried clicking on almsot all the posts on the Bulletins, starting from the latest and going back in time, and all I got was a blank page .. (if this page is wet its co I am crying!!!!Love youpj

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