Releasing Isolator 5.0 and Racer alpha

We have been working very hard this summer and we are just ready for 2 major releases.

Isolator 5.0

Based on customer feedback we are going to change our pricing model and add 3 new packages

  • Special Bundle, containing:
    • Typemock-Isolator
    • Annual Update Subscription
    • Ivonna for ASP.NET testing
    • TestDriven.NET for seamless Visual Studio testing
  • Personnel License, for single developers will cost only $199
  • Open Source License, for Open Source projects will be free

We have also added a new API for better structured isolation (Mock, Stub, Fake…).

Highlights are:

  • No need to understand the difference between Mock, Stub, Fake, Double they all use the same API.
  • Easier to automate isolation by recursively faking all chained (sub) calls so:
    ClassToIsolate faked = Isolate.Fake.Instance<ClassToIsolate>(Member.ReturnFakesRecursivly); // now all sub calls will be faked, so this will not fail faked.GetSomething().Parent.GetDetail().DoSomething(); // can setup return values via Isolate.WhenCalled( ()=> faked.GetSomething().Parent.GetDetail().Name) .WillReturn("Cool");
  • Better structure of interaction validation. No recording stage and validation done at the end of the test (aka, AAA- Arrange,Act,Assert)
    // A. arrange ClassToIsolate faked = Isolate.Fake.Instance<ClassToIsolate>(Member.ReturnFakesRecursivly); // A. act ClassUnderTest.MethodUnderTest(faked); // A. assert Isolate.VerifyWasCalledWithAnyargument( ()=> faked.GetSomething().Parent.GetDetail().DoSomething());

Racer Alpha

Our newest product helps solve a huge problem for multi-thread/multi-core software development, by automatically finding and pinpointing deadlocks. To use the racer simply call a multi-threaded code via the API and the Racer will start running and re-running the code in different permutations to find the deadlocks. Once a deadlock is found, you can debug the code straight to the problematic permutation!

The Racer uses both Dynamic code analysis and Static code analysis to perform its magic.

See a preview of Typemock Racer on Roy’s Blog

See an example on how to find the deadlock of the Dining philosophers problem.

Of course both the tool play well together and you can validate multi-threaded code in an isolated component.

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