Month: May 2008

Mocking frameworks – dream feature

There are some developers SHOUTING, that mocking static and  non-virtual methods is a big No-No. Roy, is calling them dogmatic. Come on guys, the most [...]

Interesting Unit Testing Survay

According to a Telerik Survey  (brought to me by Avi Kaye) Unit Testing is still not mainstream. I am not sure how many people voted, and although the [...]

Typemock Isolator 4.2.4 is available

Typemock Isolator 4.2.4 is available for download.This is a patch release with many bug fixes. "Invalid Operation Exception" when working with NHybernate [...]

Ruby Style Mocking in .NET

I had a great discussion with a college about the difficulties of understanding the technical parts of the automated Mocking frameworks. The one point that [...]