Month: April 2008

Understanding Mock Objects – Better Design

Azam has written a post about Ben Hall's article "Beginning to Mock Using Rhino Mocks and MbUnit". The logic in the example is a method that returns an image [...]

Why Typemock-Isolator for TDD?

There is a long discussion in the ALT.NET group about TDD and Typemock, it is very interesting and I suggest that you read the thread. Benefits of TDD Although [...]

Patent Scam

I have just been (nearly) bitten by a few Registration Services  Scams.Here is how it works:After a patent has been received in a patent office, the [...]

ASP.NET Unit Testing just got Easier

There is a lot of talk about unit testing ASP.NET. Artem Smirnov  has managed to build a new tool for writing unit tests for ASP.NET. The tool called [...]