Typemock Isolator 4.2 is released

image We have released version 4.2 of Typemock Isolator, now with more features that enable shorter development cycles, higher quality of production code, better tested and more stable software components.

Typemock Isolator V4.2 introduces support of the new .NET 3.5 framework as well as Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2008. Version 4.2 has an improved IDE integration based on using colors to emphasize mocked methods making the best visualization, easiness and comfort for developers to verify their code developments.

On top, Typemock Isolator V4.2 provides full support of synergetic solutions such as Finalbuilder™ and DotTracer™ profiler, making this new release the most powerful testing framework for .NET developments ever.

“We are always seeking ways to help you simplify the development process, and our improved interface and integration with the market leading tools ensures organizations and developers with easiness, better software quality and a true saving of development expenditure”.


Webcast of new features

imageMark your calendar for the live special webcast of Typemock  Isolator on Wednesday, March 12th at 4PM GMT (8AM PST). To join the webcast and for further details please click here.

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