Typemock Isolator – Beta – Better Community

The Typemock team has released our next version of TypeMock.NET.image

We are calling it Typemock-Isolator. As Typemock helps developers Isolate their code from the rest of the system and make it Testable.

The main reason behind this are our plans to create more tools that will help simplify writing unit tests.

The Brain-Storming sessions behind this name where fun and we actually decided on a name, coded it in and then changed the name a few times after that (talk about agile teams). But the team took these changes really well!

Roy and Paulo have already talked about some new features.
Mainly Better Debugger Integration and Mocking Fields!!!

We have decided to add more features to our Community Edition and some features that were in the Professional Edition and can now be used in the Community Edition

  1. Mocking using Generic Code Sugar
  2. Mock mockControl = MockManager.Mock<ClassToMock>();


  3. Integrated Visual Studio Help can now be downloaded by all Typemock-Isolator users
  4. Per your request*: The annoying feedback screen while in evaluation, has been removed.


* The majority of feedbacks we received was to remove the Feedback Screen 😉


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