Month: February 2008

Typemock and .NET 1.1

Although we still have many developers using Typemock in .NET 1.1, now that .NET 3.5 is out, we are going to drop the support for .NET 1.1. in our next [...]

Typemock Isolator 4.2 is released

We have released version 4.2 of Typemock Isolator, now with more features that enable shorter development cycles, higher quality of production code, better [...]

Typemock and Design Issues

The new field mock feature that enables developers to mock fields has raised the questions: Who needs to mock fields, (only bad programmers)? Does Typemock [...]

Decorator feature enhancement

[Cross Posted in TypeMock Insider Blog] Typemock-Isolator has a little know Decorator feature that allows developers to simply add capabilities to their test [...]

Tips and Tricks

I am happy to announce that we have opened a Typemock Blog The blog will host posts from Typemock developers and will give inside information and tip and [...]

Typemock Isolator – Beta – Better Community

The Typemock team has released our next version of TypeMock.NET. We are calling it Typemock-Isolator. As Typemock helps developers Isolate their code from the [...]