Month: December 2007

Debugging Mocked Methods

Although strict XP practices, value tests more then debugging, there are many cases where you still have to debug the code base to find defects. Doing this [...]

Welcome Ron Shoshani

I would like to welcome Ron Shoshani to our Team.TypeMock is having a great year and we are growing, Ron will head the Marketing activities in TypeMock and [...]

TypeMock Facebook

TypeMock now has a facebook page. The industry leaders are  already there. Don't miss the party. Click here to join the typemock groupor the typemock [...]

TypeMock and Visual Studio 2008

Although we have supported visual studio 2008 since the Beta version I still think that it important to know that TypeMock supports visual studio 2008. [...]

Dependency Injection with TypeMock

The has been some buzz about Dependency Injection lately (here is another thread). But I want to actually show how TDD with TypeMock can lead to a DI solution, [...]

Handling Support in Agile Teams

As Developer Testing is become mainstream and teams are looking for pragmatic solutions, we are seeing more and more Customers using TypeMock. Support has [...]