TypeMock 4.1 Released

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We have released TypeMock 4.1.

A few of the new features included in this release are:
Arrow Support of .NET 3.5 syntax changes

    Mocking automatic properties.
      Mocking Anonymous Types.
      Mocking Lambda Expressions.
      Verifying New Initialziers.
      Mocking Extension Methods.
      Mocking LINQ statements.

    Arrow Integration API for tools developers
    New API was released to ease integrating TypeMock with other developer tools.

    Arrow Tracer Enhancement (Professional Editions)
    The tracer tool has been enhanced with the ability to pause and resume trace gathering, the ability to resize its different panes, and the marking of the start and end of each test.

    Arrow NCover 2.0 Support (Professional Editions)
    The new release of NCover tool (2.0.1) is now supported and can be linked to run with TypeMock
    Arrow Support of Visual Studio Orcas Beta 2
    TypeMock.NET can be run on Visual Studio Orcas Beta 2.
    Arrow Many fixes

    More information can be found in the Release Notes

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