NCover 2.0

imagePeter Waldschmidt has announced the release a new commercial version of NCover. NCover is now developed in  a new company called Gnoso. The new NCover is a complete Code Coverage Solution and combines Grant Drake’s NCoverExplorer

To use NCover 2.0 with TypeMock.NET, you will need to install TypeMock version 4.1. This now includes a option to link with NCover 2.0.
Now with Ncover 2.0 and TypeMock you can test and measure your 64 bit code! Both tools support 64 bit architectures and are integrated together.

Remember that all .NET 2.0+ code will run automatically in 64 bit and all .NET 1.1 code will always run in 32 bit mode.
To run .NET 2.0+ code in 32 bit, you must set the 32 bit flag of the executable.

Here is how:

corflags.exe /32BIT+ <path-to-executable>

Jamie has already created a TestDriven.Net version (2.9) that combines NCover 2.0 and TypeMock when running your tests.


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