Month: October 2007

Moving to New Office

We have moved to our new offices. We are having a great time here. Here are some photos from the office and our "Official Opening Party"   [...]

Going to TechEd Europe

We are going to TechEd Barcelona, although we don't have a booth we going to have a TypeMock group meeting. The event will be announced (place and [...]

The Ultimate Proof for TypeMock

When developer using TypeMock find it an indispensable tool, it is a sign that we really help ease the task of building lasting software. Karell says [...]

Mocking Extension Methods

With Orcas and TypeMock 4.1 you can now mock Extension methods, easily. Suppose we added a new method to int that return the Roman Number equivalent of that [...]

DotNetRocks Interview

I had a real fun talk with Richard and Carl on DotNetRocks. You can listen to the show here. The highlight was a grand piano being delivered to Carl [...]

NCover 2.0

Peter Waldschmidt has announced the release a new commercial version of NCover. NCover is now developed in  a new company called Gnoso. The new NCover is [...]

TypeMock 4.1 Released

Syndicated from the TypeMock Announcement Forum. We have released TypeMock 4.1. A few of the new features included in this release are: Support of .NET 3.5 [...]