TypeMock is Expanding

PartnersIf you are reading this you are probably the developer we are looking for.

TypeMock is expanding and we are looking for .NET developers who have a passion for Bleeding Edge Technologies like Mocking (of course), Test Driven Development and Aspect Oriented Development.

We work in a dynamic environment and we have the infrastructure to support home offices for developers who require it.

More information can be found on our Career Page

Send your resume to: jobs@typemock.com

  1. Hi Eli,

    A couple of days ago I’ve left a proposal for partnership at the official TypeMock site. I’ve discovered a new way to improve Asp.Net testability, making it as simple as testing desktop applications. This essentially involves using TypeMock. For details, see my blog at http://dotfresh.blogspot.com/2007/08/aspnet-tesability-finally-way-it-should.html.

    So far, I have received no response. Do you know if they have received my proposal?

    Sorry if that’s a wrong place for posting this.


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