Month: June 2007

Nicer Tracing with [VerifyMocks]

An unknown feature, (at least till this blog) of the final version of TypeMock 4.0 is the Tracer Utility. Up till this version each time you called [...]

New TypeMock Site

We have redesigned the TypeMock site Apart from the graphics and new layout we have added more content: Examples and How To's  Cheat Sheets Product [...]

Good Programming is about Balance

This post hits the nail on its head: When good programming practices are just too good. What struck me ... is the ridiculous amount of code required to [...]

Design vs. Process

Oren Eini has posted Tools vs. Design about the Really Simple Dialog post. It is NOT the design that will give you the freedom to expand and [...]

Extending Test Frameworks

One really nice feature of TypeMock.NET 4.0 is the ability to extend any/all testing frameworks. Each test framework has (or lacks) its own extension [...]

TypeMock 4.0 released

We have fixed most the defects from the beta and have released version 4.0. Thank you beta [...]