Month: May 2007

The Humble Dialog (and famous musketeers)

I have read Jeremy's Build you own CAB series (Build your own CAB Part #2 - The Humble Dialog Box). Jeremy is building the series with the help of  [...]

Released TypeMock 4.0 Beta

We have released a beta version of TypeMock 4.0, this should be a really stable version. We intend to release the final version within 2 weeks. There is a lot [...]

TypeMock Case Study in Corillian

We have completed a case study of implementing TypeMock in Corillian. Corillian is the company that creates Online Banking Software, and you can imagine [...]

How did we do that?!!

If you have read my previous post about the TypeMock Test Attributes you probably have noticed that the attributes are test framework agnostic! So how did [...]

New Best Practice Pattern

In our next release TypeMock.NET will enhance the Best Practices to use Mocks and we have added 2 new ways to use mocks Scoping the Mocks Using Test [...]