Month: April 2007

Problems with NUnit 2.4 Add-In Extensions

NUnit 2.4 has a new extension feature called NUnit Add Ins. With these Add-Ins it is possible to extend NUnits capabilities without hacking the NUnit code [...]

Best Practices, Mock Usage Pattern

There are a few ways that mocks can be used. As many of you who read my blog might guess I am not an OO Purist. I think that I am more of a Pragmatic OO. The [...]

TypeMock Google Group

One of TypeMock Users has started a TypeMock Google Group. What is interesting is the TypeMock Source Example that you can download that implements [...]

TypeMock Partners and Specialist Community

I am delighted to announce that we have started a new Community for our partners and specialists. Those in the community will have access to internal [...]

TypeMock.NET Pricing

Our prices are going to rise in our next release (mid-May). All developers who are evaluating TypeMock are highly recommend to purchase before mid-May to [...]

Mocking Safely …

There have been some concerns on the web about TypeMock being too easy, and thus dangerous. I am really flattered with that distinction. TypeMock does [...]

A different approach to Mock Verification

Scott Bellware has posted about the awkwardness of mock testing - I find that the syntaxes for mock frameworks feel awkward to me. It is true that [...]