Month: March 2007

Innovation in Practice?

Bob Walsh has pointed to a cool Guy Kawasaki Video about the 10 things (actually 11) you need to know about the Art of Innovation.I was wondering if [...]

Generic Method Helpers

Per request of Paulo Morgado and others, we are implementing Generic API's for TypeMock.TypeMock has supported Generic since .NET 2.0 Beta has been out, but it [...]

Natural Mocks becoming more intelligent

Natural Mocks automatically mocks everything. This includes return values. So the following code: using (RecordedExpecations recorder = [...]

IoC and Average Programmers

Travis Illig from Corillian has pointed me to a great post from Jeff Atwood - Your Code: OOP or POO? Travis Wrote: Jeff Atwood argues that [...]

TypeMock is Freedom

Oren has answered my Quiz, by saying that using(TextWriter writer = IoC.Resolve<IFileWriterFactory>().Create(filename)) writer.Write(text); is easier [...]

Design and Testability – YAGNI

After reading Roy's Post and Oren's Post who strongly side on Designing for testability I suddenly felt a De Ja Vu. De Ja Vu A few years ago, I was [...]