TypeMock.NET Build Statistics

We are almost ready to release TypeMock.NET 3.7.0

Here are some statistics of our build system.

  • To build TypeMock we use two MSBuild scripts, the scripts also calls NAnt scripts (To test the NAnt integration)
  • We build TypeMock using CruiseControl.NET
  • Our codebase is built once and can run on .NET 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0
  • We have 1274 tests that are run twice (on .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0) that take 97.487 seconds with CodeCoverage.
  • 23 of the tests are ignored (Features that are not implemented yet, or are impossible to test automatically)
  • We have a 75.6% coverage
  • We cannot use TypeMock.NET to test ourselves.
  • Our testing frameworks are NUnit, Visual Studio Unit Tests and mbUnit – (We must test all those integrations too).
  • We run coverage using NCover, Clover.NET and Visual Studio Code Coverage (We test all these integrations as well).
  • Our build system builds all the documentation (using NDoc and a proprietary tool), the installation kits (using Wix) , installs the software and then performs a series of smoke tests.

Here are some items in our wishlist

  • We still need to merge all the tests and coverage result from the different frameworks into one page.
  • We also want to automatically deploy the installation into several Virtual Machines to test different scenarios. We are doing this manually.

[Update] Fixed MbUnit link, thanks Andy 

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