Month: February 2007

Object Oriented Testable Designed – You must be out of your mind

Roy has posted a new design methodology: Object Oriented Programming that is Testable! Roy and I are on the opposite sides of this methodology. I [...]

Evil Singleton Mocking with Natural™ Mocks

Ok, so we all know that Singletons are Evil, and Hard to test but sometimes you just have to be bad. We have added some more support for Singletons in the [...]

How Windows Vista Security helped us make a Faster Application

Part of the coming TypeMock.NET version, we completed our support for Vista Machines. TypeMock.NET has been compatible with Windows Vista for quite some [...]

TypeMock.NET Build Statistics

We are almost ready to release TypeMock.NET 3.7.0 Here are some statistics of our build system. To build TypeMock we use two MSBuild scripts, the scripts [...]

Creating a Trade Show Booth

This is the first time that TypeMock had a Trade Show Booth. We googled and read all the blogs about creating a Trade Booth and I must tell you that [...]

Thrown into reality

I had a Great Time at the Microsoft Developers Academy. We had a great booth and met loads of developers. Meeting all these developers really helped me get a [...]