New and Noteworthy – Version 3.6.1

We have released the patch version 3.6.1

Here are the highlights

Support Vista   

TypeMock.NET now installs on Windows Vista RC2 Machines.
Install as Administrator and Enable Register Keys
Note: The Tracer does NOT work on Vista Machines.

Support Mocking Hidden Methods

It is possible to mock ‘hidden’ methods.
Mock overridden base methods with CallBase
Mock overloaded Static methods with CallStatic

Default Implementation of Dynamic Types 

TypeMock.NET now creates a default implementation for interfaces and abstract methods. This allows natural property behavior and non strict method calls

This is turned off by default, call Strict=false or StrictFlags.ArbitraryMethodsAllowed to use this feature

Abstract Class Constructors   

Abstract Type Constructors can now be invoked when creating a Dynamic Mock Object from an Abstract Type

Support ReSharper and dotTrace

We now support ReSharpers Unit Tests and dotTrace Profiler


Natural Mocks now support controlling the Strictness of the mocks. See StrictFlags

Bug Fixes           

  • Version Mismatch Message Box doesn’t hang the application – (Build Server Support)
  • Better Messages when using Code Coverage without Linking
  • Fixed Bug with Dynamic Mocks with Generic Members
  • Using Code Coverage From Visual Studio Doesn’t Require Disabling TypeMock
  • Visual Studio 2003 Add In fixes