Month: November 2006

When to MockObject?

In my previous post I showed how to mock future instances. Now we will see when to use MockObject. What is the difference? The difference is quite simple. But [...]

How To Isolate Future Instances

One of the benifits of testing with TypeMock is the ability to mock future objects. Future objects are instances that will be created within the tested code. [...]

Firing Events Made Easy

I have already posted about Firing Events (There is a "Fire Event" party pic to the right). Here is how to use reflective mocks to Fire [...]

How TypeMock Simplifies Unit Testing

Are you having trouble explaining TypeMock to your colleges? We have added a small page that will help you. Click Here [...]

See How Easily you can Love Your Job

If you are reading this you are probably the developer we are looking for. TypeMock is expanding and we are looking for .NET developers who have a passion for [...]

New and Noteworthy – Version 3.6.1

We have released the patch version 3.6.1 Here are the highlights Support Vista    TypeMock.NET now installs on Windows Vista RC2 Machines.Install as [...]